The Tiburon Group, LLC
Project Descriptions
California State University, San Bernardino, Pfau Library Seismic Upgrade ($5.6 Million) –

The Tiburon Group served as  “Third Party Neutral” in this difficult Seismic Upgrade and Renovation Project.  The Library is a five-story, 150,000-square foot facility and the scope of the project impacted much of the structure.  It was imperative that the Library remain in operation during the construction period.  We were asked to analyze the contractor’s schedule and the identified project delays when it had become apparent that construction was falling behind schedule and disputes were surfacing.  Our efforts culminated in a “Turn Around Partnering” session and the development of a “Path Forward” schedule for the balance of the project.  Further, we were fundamental in the negotiation of an appropriate non-compensable time extension that met the contractors and the University’s needs. Project was completed in December 1998.  Subsequent to this assignment we have been called upon to provide Scheduling and Claims Avoidance/Mitigation services on two Student Housing Projects and a New Behaviorial Scinece Building Project.