The Tiburon Group, LLC
Capital Program Schedule
Development and Management
Many of our clients are large public entities with ongoing Capital Improvement Programs such as Community College Districts that have passed major Bond Programs.  For these clients it is essential they have the tools in place to manage multiple projects, funding sources, internal and external resources, and have a roll up capability to update the status of their programs instantaneously.

In addition to these requirements, it is essential that the “Program Control System” include reporting capabilities that allow for various  "what if " analyses to be performed.   For example, moving a particular project of the Program in the timeline and determining the impact on resources, cash flow and secondary effects of the particular change. 

The System must also incorporate various reports that can be exported to other software such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point for distribution to key program stakeholders and community relations.

tTG has years of experience in the development of such Capital Program Schedule Development.  We are routinely called upon by Owner’s, Master Plan Architects, Designers and Program Managers to assist in establishing these systems and development of these Capital Improvement Program control systems.  We bring to your Program not only the expertise with the various software, but also years of experience in design and construction. 

If you are beginning a major Capital Improvement Program, do not hesitate to contact us.