The Tiburon Group, LLC
Claims Avoidance & Mitigation Services
All of tTG’s efforts from the design phase through construction and close-out are structured to resolve disputes fairly, keep the work moving on schedule, while achieving the planned level of quality in the final product.  The key to success is equability resolving all disputed issues and change orders and identification of trends in the project that are indicative of disputes surfacing and evolving.  We often are called upon to assist in the development of dispute resolution strategies and processes to be incorporated into a project.  We have developed dispute resolution ladders to aid in resolving potential claims at the lowest level of the project organization.  We have also served as “Third Party Neutrals” to assist in turning a troubled project around.  We assist in negotiation of changes aggressively on behalf of the owner.  We have also assisted in “Global Settlement” efforts.

We bring to our assignments years of experience and the appropriate tools to forensically analyze delays and impacts to a project in an effort to determine responsibility and extent of damage.  We are also well versed in the arena of Public Contracting Code and Construction Law and can assist in determining entitlement.  This expertise brings to projects a focus of reasonableness and reality that is often being driven by antagonism and adversity.

However, when our best efforts fail, we are also extremely knowledgeable in the construction claims arena.
tTG can provide claim and dispute analysis and if necessary, provide expert witness testimony.  We often lecture on claims topics and have American Arbitration Association certified panelists on staff to assist with analysis or negotiation.  tTG also has extensive experience with various dispute resolution approaches, such as Owner/Contractor dispute resolution boards, arbitration, and mediation.