The Tiburon Group, LLC
Project Descriptions

The Following are Brief Descriptions of a Number
Various Claims Asignments
City of Morgan Hill, Dunn Avenue Reconstruction Project, Morgan Hill, CA
tTG provided Litigation Support Services on this important City roadway project.  The contractor was excessively slow in his progress on the project and the quality of the work was unacceptable.  The City was forced to terminate the contractor and a dispute arose.  We assisted the Cityís legal counsel in the development of strategies, analysis of the claim and development of exhibit materials.  We also provided testimony at the Arbitration.

National Semiconductor-Fab IIA Plant Expansion, Arlington, TX ($75.0 Million)
In support of NSCís legal council we provided claims review and mitigation services on this state of the art, computer wafer plant expansion.  The project included renovation and expansion of an existing plant and clean room facilities.  Disputes arose from numerous errors and omissions in the contract documents, changes, lack of applied manpower on the project, lack of coordination of subcontractors, and productivity losses.  We assisted in analysis of the contractorís claims, provided recommendations for settlement, and assisted with settlement negotiations.

Washington Medical Center, Culver City, CA ($28 Million)
In support of the Construction Management firm we provided delay analysis, scheduling and claims mitigation services for the completion of construction on this expansion for the hospital.  This was a challenging assignment since the general contractor went bankrupt in mid project.  It was necessary to negotiate the completion plan with the surety of the project, develop a turn around schedule and then re-mobilize trade contractors for the completion of the project.  All disputes were amicably settled and the project was completed within the limits of the completion schedules we developed.