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Construction claims have reached nearly epidemic levels in recent years, and often the roots of the issues begin during design.  The fundamental principles of (a) clear and timely direction, (b) good communication with all project participants, and (c) complete documentation of project events, are the cornerstones of any successful claims management approach, and are equally applicable to the management of the design phase or the construction phase.

We understand that regardless of all the thoughtful planning which goes into preparing for construction, disputes will almost inevitably occur.  It is
tTG’s approach to work to resolve disputes at the lowest level and at the earliest opportunity. Our experience has shown that the longer a claim is permitted to remain unresolved, the more difficult the resolution becomes.

In large project disputes, millions of dollars are often at issue. To prevail, you must present an argument that fully supports your position. That's where
tTG can provide invaluable assistance, as we are specialists in construction claims. We know the practical aspects of construction, scheduling, and cost allocation. We translate a complex job history into a straightforward account of what happened, why, and who is responsible.

Our comprehensive services analyze every aspect of "problem" projects including:

· Defective Plans and Specifications
· Critical Path Schedule Delays and Impacts
· Acceleration, Out of Sequence Work, and Disruption
· Production Inefficiencies

tTG routinely provides claims and dispute resolution services to Owners Contractors, Construction Mangers, Design Professionals, and Attorneys.  This includes determination of mal-administration, field workforce management practices, delay analysis, entitlement, reasonableness of costs, and Expert Witness Testimony to support our findings.