The Tiburon Group, LLC
Construction Phase Schedule Management
Our core business at the Tiburon Group (tTG) is Scheduling and Claims Avoidance/Mitigation & Resolution.  tTG has many years of experience in development of sophisticated project controls.  Scheduling and Schedule Management is only one area of our control systems.  We use Primavera P3 as our standard for scheduling.    We incorporate use of this scheduling program as a requirement in the bid documents.  We also use programs such as Claims Digger and Schedule Analyzer Pro during our monthly reviews and on forensic dispute resolution assignments.  We have developed a reputation of expertise in scheduling and are called upon to provide schedule reviews and monitoring for clients in support of their organizations.

We have also been retained to develop complex master schedule for various large construction programs.  An example of this would be the master schedule we developed for a Community College District on their Bond Program.  This schedule covered thirty projects on two campuses and tracked costs from five different funding sources.

In our schedule specifications we require the contractor to resource, cost, material and equipment load the schedule.  Therefore, we have at our fingertips all of the critical information to identify problems prior to them becoming major delays, and are in a position to mitigate problems rapidly.  In addition, we tie the timely submission of monthly schedule updates to the processing of the contractor’s monthly payment applications.  We accomplish this through the scheduling specifications we develop and the contract general conditions.  We prepare and distribute Schedule Reports that compare Actual Progress with Scheduled Progress.  In addition, we make recommendations on remedial actions required to recover or alter the schedule, and provide "what if" analyses to assess the impact of proposed changes.  We bring to our assignments years of experience in knowing how a schedule can be developed and manipulated to sequester float, build a claim, and shift liability, all to the determent of the Owner.  During our reviews we endeavor to identify such practices and assure schedule updates are accurate and reliable.