The Tiburon Group, LLC
Constructability Reviews
Our typical design phase services include Value Engineering and Constructability Reviews. tTG believes these services, when performed by senior construction professionals, are the single most valuable and cost effective activities an Owner can have performed on a project prior to going out to bid.

Errors and omissions statistically account for more than 50 percent of all change orders with the balance due normally to unforeseen or differing site conditions, Owner requested change, and unanticipated agency code required changes. Our efforts are to locate problems prior to costly construction changes.  Constructability Reviews are a systematic, interdisciplinary plan checking process designed to identify errors and omissions between the engineer's and architect's plans and between the plans and the specifications.  We incorporate our review comments into the bid documents, coordinating this effort with the Architect.  We also take the perspective of the contractor to identify coordination questions, potential RFI issues, and strive to minimize change order issues.

In addition, we incorporate our many years of scheduling experience in determining if the phasing and anticipated construction duration is realistic considering the overall project.  We provide comments to the Owner and Designer where appropriate to rectify overall planned durations and major milestones.  Often these milestones are then incorporated into the bid documents to assure that financial impacts to the Owner are avoided.

An adequate Constructability Review is the single most important exercise in reducing the number of Requests for Information, confusion, Change Orders and potentially Claims.  It has been estimated that the cost savings in avoiding unnecessary Change Orders and potential Claims more than covers the cost of the review.