The Tiburon Group, LLC
Organization Effectiveness & Best
Practice Consultations
Over the years we have provided numerous consultations to Owners regarding Organizational Effectiveness, establishing “Best Practices” for construction management operations, and conducting audits of projects regarding the practices in place.  We bring to these assignments our years of experience in Program, Project and Construction Management.  We understand the organizational cultures of Public Owners, Private Owners, Design Professionals, Construction Management Providers and Contractors. 

Our focus is on how a particular organization is structured in the delivering of their services and projects.  We advise on improvements to their contract administrations practices, document and project control systems, and dispute avoidance, mitigation and resolution procedures. 

We are often called upon by Public Owners to set up the project control systems and train their personnel in proper construction management procedures.  We then provide periodic audits of the project to monitor adherence to these procedures and practices.  Public Owners find these services of tremendous value.  The primary reason is that all of the Capital Improvement Projects are subject to audits since the taxpayer funds them.  However, these audits typically are forensic in nature, critical of the project stakeholders, and disclosed to the general public.  These audits are not advisory in nature, and do not allow the Public Owner the opportunity to make improvements.  Our services, on the other hand, include the fiduciary responsibilities to our clients.  They are conducted in an advisory capacity, and the consultations are preemptive in nature. 

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