The Tiburon Group, LLC
Pre-Construction Scheduling
The Tiburon Group (tTG) has many years of experience in the area of development of sophisticated project controls.  Scheduling and schedule management is only one area of or control systems.  At tTG we use Primavera P3 as our standard for scheduling and we incorporate this as a requirement in the bid documents.  We have developed a reputation of expertise in scheduling.  Often we are called upon to provide schedule reviews and monitoring for various clients in support of their organizations.  We have also developed complex master schedule for large construction programs.  An example of this would be the master schedule we developed for a Community College District for their Bond Program.  This schedule covered thirty projects on two campuses while tracking costs from five different funding sources.

Our Pre-Construction scheduling services include two basic elements.  One element is to aid in the development of the design and assure it is completed on time and within design budget.  The other is the development of initial construction phase schedules to aid in determination of phasing plans, interim construction phase milestones and development of scheduling and project controls specifications.

Design Development Schedules - Often times Owners and Designers do not immediately see the value of the former type of schedule.  It is viewed as an unnecessary expenditure.  However, those Owners and Designers that have utilized this service recognize how this initial thinking is unsound.  During this effort we develop a design phase schedule that incorporates the Design Team’s activities, costs, resources and milestones.  Milestones include the various deliverables and reviews.  Architects find it useful in managing their subconsultant designers.  It is also a useful tool in keeping the focus on the various design development goals.  It is used as a communication tool, especially with the ultimate end user of the facility, of how the design development must progress in order to hit desired review and construction windows.  This type of schedule also assists the Owner and Designer in avoiding costly redesign efforts and straying to “out of scope” areas.  It assures that there will be sufficient budget remaining for the construction administration phase.  We find this effort aids greatly in assuring a strong and effective contractual relationship between the Owner and Designer.

Initial Construction Phase Schedules – This scheduling effort focuses on development of phasing plans, identifying major critical milestones, development of scheduling specifications appropriate to the project and delivery system to be utilized, and assistance to the Owner and Design team in fully comprehending how the project will be managed, phased and critical
submittal requirements.  We incorporate elements of ongoing operations, overlaps of construction activities to potential secondary effects, Owner Furnished/Contractor Installed procurement, commissioning and move in coordination items.  This effort aids in the assurance of a smooth project from bid and award through project completion.