The Tiburon Group, LLC
Project & Document Control
Systems Development
Project and Document Control Systems have evolved greatly over the past several years.  In today’s Internet environment we have witnessed a tremendous growth in “web based electronic project management systems”.  The development or procurement and launching of such systems can be very costly and time consuming.  Likewise, the decision to procure systems vs. development of “home grown systems” can have far reaching effects on an Owner’s ability to recover their investments, have adequate and flexible tools to manage their Capital Improvements, and avoid frustrations and potential disputes with the control systems in use.

The Tiburon Group has extensive experience in aiding Owners through the morass of decisions.  We have lectured frequently on Electronic Project Manage and Project Control Through Scheduling.
tTG has developed numerous project control systems and assisted Owners in evaluating various systems for their Capital Improvement needs.  Since we are not affiliated with these software and systems providers, we provide our consultation without any conflict of interest.  Our total focus is to assist Owners in either developing or procuring the best project control tools at the appropriate sophistication to adequately manage their project. 

We know what works and what doesn’t and have the experience to assure that the Owner’s needs will be met.