The Tiburon Group, LLC
Project Controls Specification
Adequate Project Controls do not just happen.  Careful consideration must be given to the needs of the Owner, the Design Team, the Construction Management Process, and most importantly the needs of the Project.  All too often we see boilerplate specifications used on projects that do not take the above elements into consideration.  We have been called into projects after bid and award where either the project control specifications were too complex for the project, or not sophisticated enough to manage the complexities of the project.  Both cases can be disastrous to successful management and completion.

When the project control specification are inadequate the Owner, Designer and Construction Manager have no means to enforce time sensitive elements of the project.  Inadequate control systems can also place the Owner in jeopardy of not being able to defend against frivolous contractor claims.  Even when there appears to be entitlement to a contractor’s claim, the Owner will not have the ability to adequately analyze the impacts to the project and thereby determine if there were contractor caused impacts that may mitigate overall Owner exposure.

Our years of experience in developing project control systems, managing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of construction and providing years of claims avoidance, mitigation and resolution services on a multitude of projects equips
tTG with the skill sets necessary to assure the Owner that the Project Control Specifications included in the bid documents will go a long way in assuring project success. 

If it is not in the bid documents, it is not enforceable.