The Tiburon Group, LLC
Transition Management
Owners when developing their capital improvement projects spend a tremendous amount of time with the feasibility studies, hiring the best consultants to plan, program, design and manage the project.  They focus a tremendous amount of energy on the projects funding and budget, schedule, secondary effects of construction on their organization, and most of all the success of the project in supporting the mission of the end user.  However, this is only part of what must be done to assure a successful project.   What is missing?

At the Tiburon Group
(tTG) we hold the belief that the project is not successful unless the expectations of the end user are fully met.  Does this mean having the project completed on time, within budget, and no claims?  Yes, partially.  However, if Joe or Mary comes into the new or renovated facility on their first day of work, and if their office equipment and materials are not there, they will not view the project as being a success.  If their phones do not work, or they do not have access to the Internet, the project was not successful.  If the building HVAC system is not functioning properly, or punch list activities are on going they will not view the project as being successful.  There are a mired of issues, that if not complete or dealt with on the first day of work for the end user, the project will be viewed as a failure.  The solution to this challenge is “Transition Management”.

What is Transition Management?  Transition Management is the process of professional management applied to those services, apart from design and construction, necessary for an owner to utilize a project for its intended use.  The key services of Transition Management are Communications and Coordination, Transition Schedule, Relocation Schedule and Contract Administration.  Transition Management goes beyond Construction Management.  It brings together the additional key stakeholders of the Transition Team.  These include individuals within the Owner’s organization to address information & technology, furniture relocation, equipment relocation, procurement of furniture and equipment, security, safety, Owner managed vendors and contractors outside the design and construction contracts, and other facility operations requirements.  All of the above needs to be planned and managed to assure a successful project.

tTG brings years of experience in the area of project controls and scheduling to assure successful Transition into a new facility.  On one assignment we assisted an Owner in the successful conversion of 90 branch banks facilities over a three-day weekend.  The planning and scheduling of this conversion involved a multitude of individuals and departments to assure a successful opening of the renovated facilities on the next business day.  If you are planning a major new or renovation project we can be a tremendous asset to the success of the project.  We can assist you and your organization immensely in the transition process.