The Tiburon Group, LLC
Value Engineering
Our typical design phase services include Value Engineering and Constructability Reviews. tTG believes these services, when performed by senior construction professionals, are the single most valuable and cost effective activities an Owner can have performed on a project prior to going out to bid.

Value Engineering is often misunderstood and abused on projects.  All to often Value Engineering is not performed until the end the design phase or after bid opening when it is discovered that the project, as designed, is over budget.  In these cases, the effort is primarily focused on cutting scope and quality.  Although often necessary to getting the project built, we have found that the construction then begins on a bad footing with the Owner, the Designer, and the ultimate End User not happy. 

We have found that a much better approach is to perform Value Engineering at the early stages of the project.  In doing so the focus is:  increased quality at the same cost, increased lifecycle at the same or lower cost, same level of quality at a lower cost, and reduced lifecycle maintenance at a slightly higher cost.  All of these choices have an impact on the project's complexity, cost and schedule.

tTG is often called upon to participate in the Value Engineering efforts either at the beginning of design or, due to budget difficulties, at the pre-construction phase.  We have worked with numerous Certified Value Specialists, Owners, Designers and Construction Managers on hundreds of millions of dollars worth of construction.  We bring to the Value Engineering Team the skill sets necessary to determine the schedule impact to the various Value Engineering Considerations.  This is critical to successful Value Engineering since a savings on a particular system or sub-system project change will be worthless to the Owner if such a change lengthens the construction period thereby driving up the construction costs.  

With our years of experience in this area, coupled with our numerous Value Engineering assignments, we are also in a position to assist the Owner in assembling a seasoned professional Value Engineering Team.